2020 Goal Achiever Daily Planners

Daily planner designed for real estate professionals to accomplish your goals and perform at your max. Set milestones to achieve every dream. Select from 4 covers or order your custom edition with your logo & brand. Find out why so many real estate pros are experiencing their best year ever when they visualize their goals and track them daily. Get off to a Fa$tart each day and turn your dreams into accomplishments with our all-in-one day planner plus goal achiever for $39.

NOTE: Planners are printed on demand and take about 10-14 days to arrive, unless you select expedited delivery.


10% of gross sales on all planners donated to Women's Council of NAREB, a local non-profit organization. 
Scroll down for more information about this wonderful organization.

Sample Interior Pages

DAY PLANNER features:
  • 12 Features built into each Week

  • Weekly dates at top

  • This week’s goals…

  • Appointments

  • Mileage & Expenses

  • Notes

  • To Do

  • To Call

  • Holidays penciled in gray

  • Inspirational Quote

  • Affirmation

  • FasTrack Weekly Totals

  • This week’s reflections…

  • Life Goals

  • FasTrack Projections

  • Schedule Sample

  • Daily / Weekly Report

  • Marketing Plan

  • Life Pie

  • DayStart / Affirmations / Habits

  • Life Goals Achieved / Reflections

  • FasTrack Monthly Reports

  • Annual Report (compare with projections)

  • Transaction Pipelines

  • Books Recommended

Order a Custom Cover for your Office or Team!

Goal Achiever-Taylor cover front.jpg
Dynamic Recruiting & Retention Tool
CUSTOM cover:
  • Minimum of 25 planners

  • You supply the logo, brand, and color scheme

  • You pay graphic designer OR supply your own custom design

  • Custom cover fee

  • Allow 3-4 weeks for turnaround time

Goal Achiever - Brown cover front.jpg

How to Skyrocket your Real Estate Sales

Congratulations on your decision to elevate your career!  This planner includes many powerful tools to take you from dreaming of success to accomplishing your goals.  Use the tools to leverage your day effectively and create your own customized systems.


Measure Sales Achievement with Fa$Track


To foster accountability, this set of tools helps you tally daily activities into weekly reports, tally the weekly reports into monthly reports, and tally the monthly reports into a year-end report.  Then, compare your projections with your actual achievements at the end of the year.


  • Annual Sales Projections — write in your specific sales goals (both production and profit) at the beginning of the year

  • Weekly Reports — included in the calendar at the end of each week (next to Sunday)

  • Monthly Reports — a sheet for each month; tally the weekly reports to complete these

  • Annual Sales Projections Met — tally the 12 monthly reports and write in your specific sales production and profit.  Compare it to the Projections you made at the beginning of the year.

  • Daily Action Plan — sample detailed form so you can quiz yourself each day

  • Weekly Check-Up — sample form, more detailed than the weekly report included in the calendar at the end of each week


Pipeline Tracking with Fa$tart to Success


This section gives you separate sheets to track the following:

  • Transactions in Progress

  • Current Listings

  • Prospective Buyers

  • Prospective Sellers


Calendar including DayStart idea canvas


  • Activity Charting — listed by category, we suggest you use different color highlighters for each category type

  • Sample Weekly Schedule — use your highlighters to color-code each sample activity.  Apply this method to your calendar too.


TIP:  Get a set of highlighters in 6 different colors (such as Staples Hype!™ Gripped Pen-Style Highlighters, chisel tip, assorted colors, 6/pack model #21648) and zip them in a clear ring binder pocket for easy access.


Women's Council of NAREB


Select your favorite red or pink design & support Women's Council of NAREB San Diego chapter while getting organized.  The contents are exactly the same as the planners above, with a custom cover that celebrates the achievements and community contributions of NAREB's leading ladies.  Thank you for your generous support of our 501(C)3 non-profit organization!  Women's Council of NAREB's three-fold mission is to raise funds for youth scholarships (for teens graduating from high school and going to college); offer educational workshops on the topics of financial literacy and building a legacy of family wealth; and empowering women in business to become future leaders in our real estate organization of NAREB.  We thank you for your support and know that together we are making a difference!  And YES 100% of the proceeds go directly to our oganization!