Rev Up

Rapid Growth and Business Development

for Brokerages and real estate organizations


Be the B.O.S.S. and Dominate Your Market

Real Estate Brokerages that Innovate, Differentiate, and Capture Unique Market Share with Blue Ocean Strategy® Success

Ths hands-on interactive workshop is designed for real estate brokerage owners and managers.  The real estate sales industry becomes "shark eat shark" as an over-abundance of real estate agents compete head-to-head for the few clients available.  Instead of competing directly on price or service, sail your boat away from the red ocean full of bloodied competitors.  Navigate your boat through rough, choppy waters out to clear blue oceans.  Steer clear of competitors, and build your own new market.   In this clever presentation, we reveal the concept of "Blue Ocean Strategy®" as developed by forward-thinking business strategists Kim & Mauborgne. 

Additional Topics include:

  • Recruit the Best & Brightest Agents

  • Start Your Own Brokerage Office

  • Diagnose, Rev Up, & Drive your Brokerage to Success