Vision vs. Mission Statement?

Perhaps you're wondering what the difference is and why an organization's vision statement is completely different than a mission statement. A vision is ambitious, far-reaching, and stretches the boundaries to achieve something amazing. It's how you envision your organization in the future. Your carefully-crafted vision inspires your leaders, members, and partners to pitch in and together accomplish impactful goals. NAREB Realtist vision of 2Mn5 (two million new Black homeowners in five years) is a wonderful example. A mission statement, on the other hand, explains what your organization does. "Reimagining the Dream of Homeownership through Advocacy, Activism, and Action" succinctly describes the mission of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers. Our mission is what we DO now, while our vision is what we aspire to BECOME or ACCOMPLISH in the future.

Attention real estate not-for-profit organizations: Have you held your annual retreat yet this year? It's not too late. Right now is the best time of year for a board retreat and strategic planning workshop. Our expert facilitators help you develop and implement your top three goals to achieve within the next 5 years. MBA Broker Consultants presents a full day retreat including 1/2 day leadership development topic and 1/2 day strat planning as a board. Workshop includes participation via team building, group activities, and collaborative, compelling planning. Custom designed content and high quality resources lead to an engaging, interactive day with practical take-aways. Rave reviews from participants who accomplished a 5-year plan in one amazing day!

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